WWE ‘Total Divas’ News: Daniel Bryan Gets Brie Bella Pregnant, Kane Is The Cheating Baby Daddy

What if we ever see Daniel Bryan’s wife cheating on him? Worse, what if that gets Brie Bella pregnant? Turns out the WWE Total Divas star is suggesting Kane should be the baby daddy, not the bearded one of legend. But why would one of the Bella Twins suggest something so outrageous in the WWE PG era?

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The storylines of WWE Total Divas can sometimes get a little weird even for a wrestling-based reality TV show. For example, the show once had Daniel Bryan and Bri Bella fighting over money and the cost of an expensive dinner despite the fact that their combined net worth being is more than capable of handling even Floyd Mayweather’s $4,000-a-day meal ticket.

So, is WWE Total Divas fake? Yep, but as Nikki Bella admitted to the Houston Chronicle, the Bella Twins enjoy playing the role of the bad girls.

“I’m a good girl in real life,” said Nikki. “I get to play me on ‘Total Divas.’ It’s like being two people, the diva in the ring, and the real me on the reality show.”

So if Daniel Bryan does get wife Brie Bella pregnant, she is already saying her in-ring persona should be a bad girl by cheating on him. Brie admits she has baby fever, and she’s already brainstorming how that angle could be handled by WWE creative.

“I did tell Daniel, we could do something really sick, where it ends up being Kane’s baby,” Brie admitted, according to Digital Spy. “Kinda like what Lita did [in a 2004 storyline also involving Matt Hardy and Trish Stratus].”

In real life, Kane’s wife, Crystal Jacobs, would probably roll her eyes at this idea since the Lita storyline had some people really thinking they were getting divorced. Nikki also could not help herself and threw in her own joke about having a pregnant sister in the ring.

“She thinks she could valet me, pregnant! This is not going to happen!” Nikki said. “Someone’s gonna do a baseball slide, I’m gonna move out of the way and there’s my pregnant sister flying across the ring.”

Yes, the Bella Twins do enjoy goofing off.

Bella Twins

The possibility of Brie Bella’s pregnancy has been in the air for months at WWE Total Divas. The Bella Twins say three of their friends and two cousins became pregnant recently, but Brie admits being on a reality TV show makes this real-life decision a little hard.

“There is a huge decision I have to make and it’s kind of crazy what the cameras caught so I’m really excited because it’s a really big moment in my life,” Brie told E! Online.

If Daniel Bryan does get Brie Bella pregnant in real life, what do you think about her idea of making Kane the cheating baby daddy? Is it too crass for the current PG era?