Jenny Bone: 'Brain Dead' Woman Wakes From Coma After Hearing Doctors' Plans To Withdraw Life Support

Meaghan Ellis

Jenny Bone has been diagnosed with a rare condition known as Guillain-Barre Syndrome. However, her debilitating condition wasn't discovered until she had a shocking near-death experience.

According to Mirror Online, the rare condition, which causes the immune system to attack the nerves, led to the 39-year-old woman's near-death experience back in March of 2014. The terrifying health scare resulted in her hospitalization due to her inability to move or control any of her bodily functions. After being rushed to a local hospital, she was placed into a medically induced coma.

Medical specialist ran a series of test to determine the cause of her illness, but to no avail. When she stopped responding to reflex tests and brain scans, doctors pronounced her "brain dead." However, she only appeared to be unconscious because she was paralyzed from the rare condition. Surprisingly, she was able to hear everything going on around her. As a result of the grim prognosis, doctors began asking her husband, John, about the only other alternative -- withdrawing life support. She heard everything.

"What are your wife's wishes about being kept alive on a ventilator," doctors reportedly asked John.

During a recent interview, she recounted the fateful moment that could have possibly ended her life with the flip of a switch. Although she admitted she and her husband had discussed the possibilities in the event he'd be left with the decision to withdraw life support, she revealed he actually went against the decision they initially agreed upon. Luckily, he did.

"I was actually very surprised that my husband told them to not switch off the life support machine. Like most couples, we'd had the conversation about what we would do if that sort of thing happened to the other person, and I said I would like it to be switched off. So he actually went against my wishes, but I am obviously very pleased he did that now."
"It was a bolt out of the blue when they first asked me about switching off the life support. She had only been taken ill on the Friday and on the Monday morning I was asked to go into a room. I knew that meant whether my wife was dead or she was close but I said straight away it was far too soon. They basically said they don't know what's wrong with her and she wasn't responding. But it was just too soon to even consider that. Then a few days later they asked me again I was sitting at her bedside holding her hand. I think it should never have been done in earshot of her. But to find out that she had heard what was said was just chilling. She remembered it word for word"