Teen: Bright Red Hair Violates Dress Code, Teen Gets Banned From School

A teen with bright red hair violated her school’s dress code and was sent home by the school’s principal last week. According to the New York Daily News, Savannah Keesee from Missouri dyed her hair an “auburn red,” but her school called the color “unnatural” and banned her from returning until she changed the color — something that she doesn’t think she should be forced to do.

“I just don’t think it’s right to get someone in trouble for expressing themselves. I don’t want to cause any problems or anything, I just want to go back to school,” said Savannah.

The teen with bright red hair argues that she didn’t do anything extraordinary with her locks, and that she tried to choose a color that would be considered natural (not blue, for example). Her mother supported her daughter’s decision to change her hair color, and she doesn’t seem to agree with the principal’s decision to ban her daughter from school.

“She just wanted it a little bit different. We had a bunch of snow days and did some girl stuff,” said Sheri Keesee.

According to Fox News, Savannah went to a hair salon, and had her hair dyed more brown so that it looked more natural. While she may not agree with the school’s take on her red hair, she wanted to go back to school, so she had to abide by the rules. As far as the school is concerned, rules are rules.

“I think our students and parents are accepting of it. It’s been in place a long time, and so we feel like it’s a policy that works,” District Superintendent Stacy Stevens said.

The teen’s bright red hair is something that has caused debate on the web this week. While there are people who agree with the school’s policy and agree that teens should respect rules, there are other people who think that the school overreacted, and that red hair is actually considered natural.

This isn’t the first time that a teen was sent home from school for having red hair, either. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a teen in Alabama was told that her red hair was “too bright and distracting,” after having it the same color for three years. Sixteen-year-old Hayleigh Black was forced to change her hair color, but her mother contacted a lawyer and asked the school to erase her daughter’s attendance record.

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