iPad Air 3 Rumors: iOS 9, Thinner Design, New & Improved Siri

Chanel Adams

Rumors are swirling that the iPad Air 3 could come with an even slimmer design and the release of the iOS 9. The new operating system is expected to be released on its special launch event during the second half of this year, according to Christian Today.

MacWorld reported that Apple should stick with the current thinness of the iPad Air design. The iPad Air 2 was dubbed as the thinnest tablet that the company has ever introduced. It's half the thickness of the original iPad. MacWorld also said that creating an even thinner iPad Air would cause users to have concerns about flexibility issues. Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones caused several concerns involving bending.

Android Origin has a different story about the iPad Air's design. This news site says that Apple will retain its classic iPad design. However, it is likely that the iPad Air 3 will get a new RAM upgrade. That means that this new tablet could be more efficient when it comes to memory. It's been rumored that it could have RAM of up to 4GB.

The release of the iPad Air 3 could also coincide with the release of iOS 9. It's been rumored that the new tablet would also be released later this year, along with the new operating system. The iOS 9 will include more stability and faster speeds, making it crash and freeze less. It will also bring a new and improved Siri that will communicate with users even without the use of an internet connection.


The iOS 9 is also rumored to be more customizable. It will allow the user to change the theme and colors of their operating system. Other rumors include wireless charging and multiple user accounts, making the new iPad Air more family friendly.

Other rumors include that the new iPad Air will get a stylus. Android Origin also noted that the mute toggle switch feature will make a resurgence on the iPad Air 3. It's also likely that the new tablet will get the new Apple Pay and Touch ID features.

The iPad Air 2 was also praised for its "two amazing cameras. Cleverly disguised as an iPad."

Fans may not be happy if the iPad Air 3 becomes a thicker and larger version of its predecessor. What are your thoughts on the rumored tablet?

[Image: Apple]