Joe Giudice Has More Than One Mistress? Teresa’s Hubby Has ‘At Least A Dozen,’ Claims Source

Joe Giudice is caught up in a messy cheating scandal involving a 30-year-old model named Jamie Jackson. However, according to the latest report, Jackson isn’t the Real Housewives of New Jersey star’s only alleged mistress.

“Jamie is not the only girl out there. Joe probably has a dozen mistresses out there, if not more!” a source close to Joe told Radar Online on March 12.

The source claims Joe Giudice is living the life of a single man, enjoying wild nights filled with drinking, and spending time with multiple women.

“Joe is always going out and is rarely home. He loves to go out and drink and party, and he’s always hanging around with different women. Joe has never changed his ways, and Joe will never change—ever.”

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Joe Giudice has denied his reported affair with Jackson, telling Us Weekly the allegations are “all lies.”

On the cover of the March 23 issue of In Touch Weekly, Joe Giudice is pictured with Jackson at his side in two photos, one of which features her going in for a kiss. There is also a photo of Joe Giudice’s wife, Teresa, on the cover, with a headline that reads, “Joe Caught Cheating On Teresa.”

In the magazine, a source alleges Joe Giudice and Jackson have spent wild nights together, with Giudice intoxicated, as his wife sits helplessly behind bars, serving a 15-month sentence for crimes of bank and wire fraud. The magazine also claimed to have a “secret video” of the supposed couple.

The source claimed Joe Giudice and Jackson were “full-on making out” during their alleged encounter at the Tropicana hotel

“They were chugging margaritas and seemed drunk out of their minds. Joe and Jamie went back to the room and things got crazy.”

On March 9, prior to running the story, In Touch Weekly reached out to Joe Giudice, revealing their plans for the publication, and asking him what he had to say for himself.

At first, Joe Giudice denied knowing Jackson, telling the magazine, “I have no idea who you’re talking about.”

Then, he finally admitted he had met Jackson “with a friend of mine.” He also admitted he may have “had an arm around her [at Carmine’s].”

When confronted with the photos the magazine allegedly had of him and Jackson in a hotel room at the Resorts Casino in Atlantic City, Joe Giudice explained, “Um, we were at a business meeting.”

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