Nancy Snyderman Quits NBC News, Will Work At Medical School

Nancy Snyderman

Nancy Snyderman has reportedly resigned from NBC News.

TMZ reported on Thursday that the former Chief Medical Editor decided to end her longtime career with the network.

According to the report, Snyderman has not appeared on an NBC broadcast in recent weeks — an absence which only added to the rumors of Nancy leaving NBC News that have been circulating for months.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Snyderman made headlines in November, 2014, during an Ebola-related scandal in which she violated the conditions of her voluntary quarantine by leaving her New Jersey home.

Her voluntary quarantine was enforced shortly after Snyderman returned to the U.S. from Liberia during the Ebola outbreak. A cameraman that worked on Snyderman’s crew became infected with the virus, which led to the entire crew (including Nancy) being quarantined within their own respective homes.

In an interview with Matt Lauer, host of the Today show, Nancy Snyderman had a chance to discuss the issue and also apologize to the community for her poor decision and judgment call.

“I’m very sorry for not only scaring my community and the country but adding to the confusion of terms that came as fast and furious as the news about Ebola did.”

Snyderman further stated that she frequently checked and recorded her temperatures 4-6 times each day during the quarantine and knew about the risks involved. However, she also disclosed her overall insensitivity to the responses and reactions of the American people.

“We knew our risks in our heads, but didn’t really appreciate, and frankly we were not sensitive to, how absolutely frightened Americans were… So I came back, agreed to a voluntary quarantine in my home, and then 72 hours, left my home.”

Nancy also explained the two figurative hats that she wore — one as a doctor and another as a journalist — which essentially collided with each other based on the nature of the Ebola issue.

“Good people can make mistakes … and I stepped outside the boundaries of what I promised to do, and what the public expected of me, and for that I’m sorry.”

Snyderman first started her position as Chief Medical Editor for NBC News back in 2006. Before that time, Snyderman spent 15 years working for ABC News as a medical correspondent.

Over the years, Nancy has made numerous appearances on such shows as the Today show, MSNBC, and NBC Nightly News.

According to TMZ, Nancy Snyderman is returning to her medical roots by accepting a faculty position at a major medical school in the United States.

[Image Credit: People]