Caffeine Powder Death: Teaspoon Serving Equal To 25 Cups Of Coffee, Amazon Still Sells Anhydrous Pills Amid Lawsuit

Hard Rhino products can still be found on Amazon, but not the caffeine anhydrous powder featured in the news videos about Stiner’s death. A search for “caffeine anhydrous” on Amazon turns up results including pills and other supplements that don’t appear similar to the powder in a clear bag at the heart of the lawsuit — but clearly state that they contain a pure form of the powder caffeine that promises to provide “the explosive energy enhancing properties of pure caffeine anhydrous” and extra energy, tempting users to take that “high” into the gym with them. Speaking of hearts, however, caffeine powder can potentially raise the consumer’s heart rate and even cause heart attacks or seizures as reported by the Inquisitr.

The fault of the distributing companies and sellers, according to the Stiners, is that they didn’t provide enough of a warning to users about the dangers of the product. Indeed, in an unboxing video from YouTube titled “Caffeine Powder Unboxing [25g Hard Rhino],” the user shows how the package of anhydrous powder he’s received from could be equal to 800 Red Bulls, but doesn’t state that fact on the package.

“Warning: This is pure caffeine powder. Be very careful in using this product.”

Notably, a search for powdered caffeine on Hard Rhino turned up none.

[Image of caffeine powder via Hard Rhino unboxing video]