Bobbi Kristina Dead To The World On Her Birthday, Bobby Brown Update Seeks Prayer For Medical Condition

With Bobbi Kristina dead to the world on her 22nd birthday, the Bobby Brown family has officially provided an update on her medical condition and is asking for prayer for Whitney Houston’s daughter.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend Nick Gordon is planning on giving an interview to Dr. Phil, and already some of the Brown family members are talking about a reality TV show focused on the tragedy. Bobby Brown has already responded to this ideas by slamming their plans.

“Today is Bobbi Kristina’s 22nd birthday and we ask you to continue to keep her in your prayers as she is still fighting the battle of her life,” read the statement posted on Whitney Houston’s website, which also included the above photo. The website is apparently controlled by Bobbi Kristina Brown’s aunt, Patricia Houston, who’s married to Whitney’s brother and is the executor of Whitney Houston’s net worth, estimated to be around $20 million when it was put into a trust for Bobbi Kristina.

When providing this Bobbi Kristina update, the family also noted that she had preferred her birthday celebrations to be small.

“She loves celebrating with a small group of friends,” a family member told ET. “So, in her honor, we will celebrate in a small setting with family.”

Bobby Brown has remained by his daughter’s bedside, asking the world to continue praying for a miracle. “We thank everyone that supports Bobbi Kristina,” he said in a statement, according to People. “God is hearing our prayers.”

Nick Gordon also tweeted out a message for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s birthday, but some claim his tweet sounded almost suicidal.

I’m so hurt I wanna do myself in, I know I have to strong — Nick Gordon (@nickdgordon) March 4, 2015

But Gordon also blames Bobby Brown for not being able to be near his “wife” while she’s stuck in a coma.

“Bobby, you’re just a center fold. You’re doing shows. I would be there by her side 24/7 non-stop taking care of our baby. I miss when we were all together and had fun. I hate this. You all blame me but I tried my best and it wasn’t good enough for you; sorry.”

Despite Gordon’s allegations, Bobby Brown recently cancelled a portion of his Australian tour as a R&B singer. He has also repeated his request for privacy in regards to Bobbi Kristina’s medical condition.

A previous attempt to remove Bobbi Kristina Brown from the medically induced coma was unsuccessful, and family members claim there is nothing else to do but wait at this point. A nasty rumor had previously claimed the family was considering causing Bobbi Kristina’s death by removing life support on her birthday, but fortunately that rumor proved to be false.