340 Pound O.J. Simpson: ‘I’ll Be In A Wheelchair By The Time I Leave Prison’

O.J. Simpson has reportedly gained so much weight while serving time in prison that he now weighs a massive 340 pounds and the weight gain is adversely affecting his health, as well as his mental state.

According to various reports, Simpson is apparently furious with prison officials who won’t let him leave prison to undergo badly needed surgery on his knee, which is deteriorating fast, according to him.

Aged 67, Simpson has been seen hobbling around the prison compound with a cane and has often complained to inmates about the fact he doesn’t get the level of medical care he feels he needs and deserves.

As O.J. reportedly told a fellow inmate, “I can only get mediocre health care in here, and it really pisses me off because I have the money to go to any specialist in the world to get knee surgery but they won’t let me leave to get help. They don’t give a damn that I am going to end up crippled and can’t walk for the rest of my life.”

The ex-NFL star’s problematic knee has only gotten worse due to fact he has gained so much weight, due to binging on “pork-n-beans, breads and a lot of sweets, like cookies and ice cream,” and barely doing any exercise or cardio.

As the inmate added, regarding Simpson’s situation in jail, “When there was nice weather OJ used to walk around the track on the prison yard for an hour at a time but now the pain in his knee is so severe he can barely walk ten steps without moaning in pain. OJ’s weight is definitely a factor and putting more stress on his knees but he also has advanced arthritis.”

There’s little question that O.J. Simpson fears the worst for his future as he revealed to his prison buddy, “I won’t be out of here for at least another two years and if they won’t let me get to a specialist soon I may never walk again! I have the money to pay for any surgery I need and the transportation so it won’t be on the freakin’ tax payers but they are still saying ‘No.'”

It remains to be seen whether or not O.J. Simpson will have his wish granted to leave prison for an operation on his knee before his physical condition deteriorates any further.