‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Baby Avery’s Custody Is Decided, But There Are More Twists Ahead

What can fans expect from General Hospital during the week of March 2? Baby Avery’s custody hearing pits Sonny against Michael, while Jake has a lot to work through. There is more on Luke ahead this week as well and fans are anxious for General Hospital spoilers to break it all down.

The “Official Morgan Corinthos” Facebook page shares some scoop on what lies ahead this week. General Hospital spoilers indicate that there are surprises ahead when it comes to Avery’s custody battle. The judge will bring a decision already and many are curious to see if the big reveal that Ava is still alive will factor into things yet.

She Knows Soaps indicates that Tracy and Monica will discuss the Luke situation. New details regarding Luke’s childhood are brought forward this week and General Hospital spoilers indicate that these revelations may finally bring some clarity regarding Luke’s apparent issues.

What lies ahead for Jake this week? Carly has some advice to offer while Liz and Ric discuss the status of her relationship with the mysterious Jake. Kyle has an offer for Jake, it seems, but it’s not entirely straightforward. Could this be an offer that will keep him out of jail?

Whatever happens with Avery, it seems Sonny will be in a position to make some big moves. Carly tries to settle him down and GH spoilers indicate that Sonny will end up looking to Morgan for some assistance.

There is more ahead concerning Nina and Franco this week, and they will have some unexpected company. Does Ava play into this one somehow? General Hospital spoilers tease an alliance between Nina, Franco, and someone else, and fans can’t wait to see this play out.

Viewers will get to see Nikolas and Sam talking later this week. Will Nik tell Sam who Jake really is? Most would imagine that the weight of this knowledge regarding Jake’s identity is weighing heavily on Nikolas, especially after the crisis with Spencer. It seems Nik will decide to tell Sam something, but it may not be the full Jason Morgan reveal.

This week brings new developments for Maxie as well. Spinelli is pulling out all the stops when it comes to his former love and he’s got some surprises for her. What about Nathan? He will let his love know what he thinks about it all and it sounds as if Maxie has to face a difficult decision. Will she choose her new love or her old love?

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Olivia will tell Dante about her pregnancy this week, and Julian confronts a foe. Fans are glad to hear there will be revelations and progress on the Luke story, but when will this one be wrapped up? Who will end up with Baby Avery? Of course wherever the baby lands for now, GH fans know there are more twists and turns ahead.

Tune in to General Hospital airing weekdays on ABC to see how the custody case plays out, learn what the latest is regarding Luke’s past and see how Nikolas manages the information he has regarding Jake.

[Photos by Angela Weiss/David Becker/Getty Images]