Google Ad Revenues Broken Down By Industry For 2011 [Infographic]

Google made a lot of money in 2011 and most of the company’s revenue came in the form of ad revenues. Yet what many internet users might not realize is that much of Google’s wealth often comes very very specific industries.

Breaking down how Google made their money search marketing software provider WordStream has released an Infographic that shows the company’s amazing rise in wealth.

As expected 96% of the company’s earnings were delivered by keyword advertising in 2011 with the finance and insurance industry accounting for $4 billion worth of earnings while retailers and general merchandise companies accounted for another $2.8 billion.

All together the company raked in $37.9 billion and we would have guessed it was some of the largest company’s in the United States that paid for keyword advertisements including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Macy’s, State Farm, Geico and various other top named firms in various industries.

Here’s the infographic, let us know what you think:

Google Revenue Infographic