See Emma Watson As Belle From 'Beauty And The Beast,' Watch Her Talk About A Satanic Cult

Treva Bowdoin

Emma Watson has been cast as the lead in Disney's live action Beauty and the Beast movie, and some fans just can't wait to see the Harry Potter actress as Belle. It will be a while before the movie comes out, but a talented artist named Maryam Shah Mohammad is already giving Watson fans a glimpse of what she might look like as a Disney princess.

According to the Huffington Post, Mohammad recently shared the drawing below on Reddit under his username xChasingPavementsx. The picture quickly made it to the front page.

Emma Watson Beauty And The Beast Drawing

As you can see, Emma Watson is wearing Belle's iconic yellow dress from the animated Beauty and the Beast movie.

"I knew that some people were apprehensive about the casting choice and I'd hoped that illustrating her in the iconic yellow dress would sway their opinion," Mohammad told the Huffington Post via email. Judging from the positive response to the picture, he accomplished his goal.

In Disney's upcoming live-action Cinderella movie, actress Lily James wears a blue dress that's very similar to the one featured in the classic animated film. The House of Mouse seemingly wants to preserve the integrity of its original movies, so it's safe to say that Emma Watson will get to wear some version of Belle's beloved yellow ball gown in director Bill Condon's Beauty and the Beast. Watson responded to the Belle casting news by saying that she'll have to start taking singing lessons, so the movie will presumably be a musical.

Emma Watson doesn't have her Beast yet. However, as the Inquisitr previously reported, Disney may be interested in casting Ryan Gosling as the cursed prince. According to Playbill, Emma Thompson is in talks to play talking teapot Mrs. Potts. The jovial character was voiced by Angela Lansbury in the animated movie.

Watson's fairy tale film won't hit theaters until sometime in 2016, but fans of the Harry Potter star can immediately check out the new teaser trailer for her upcoming movie Regression. Just be forewarned that it's no fairy tale -- according to SlashFILM, the Alejandro Amenábar film is a creepy thriller about Satanism. After Watson's character accuses her father John (David Dencik) of a horrific crime, a detective (Ethan Hawk) is tasked with investigating the case. A psychologist (David Thewlis) might help or hurt his cause by making John relive his repressed memories. Regression is set to be released on August 28.

Are you looking forward to seeing Emma Watson talk to a teacup in Beauty and the Beast, or is a creepy thriller like Regression more your cup of tea?

[Image credits: Maryam Shah Mohammad,]