Is Jay Z Cheating On Beyoncé With Rihanna?

Jay Z and Rihanna have been getting too close, according to the latest gossip. Jezebel reports that Beyoncé wants her husband to stay away from the younger singer. Of course this gossip is based on the account of a source that may or may not be close to the trio, but it’s far from the only time trouble in Bey’s paradise has been reported in the media. The reported source says that Rihanna has been causing a rift in the power couple’s marriage, and even shared details from a recent awkward dinner.

“Bey demanded to know who he was texting with, and when he finally admitted it was about Rihanna, she ripped into him. They did not seem happy.”

OK Magazine appears to be the source of these latest rumors about Jay Z and his superstar wife. The source told the gossip rag that Rihanna has been a point of contention between the couple for quite some time.

“Beyonce wants Rihanna out of the picture and away from her husband. Beyonce’s always viewed her as a threat and has had a nagging suspicion there’s more to their relationship.”

If this is true, then this makes for a truly toxic love triangle. In fact, Rihanna is no stranger to gossip about her love life. She’s been at the center of love triangle rumors between Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran for many years. In fact, love triangle rumors even sparked from her relationship with Drake. Gossip rags believed that Chris Brown was jealous of the two when they dated. Do you think Rihanna has a thing for Jay Z that goes beyond their professional relationship?

Fans of both Beyoncé and Rihanna don’t appear to believe the latest rumors, if you go by what’s being said on social media. Many people on Twitter have expressed the opinion that Rihanna could never steal Jay Z away from Queen Bey. Why would she even try? It should be noted, however, that Hov and RiRi attended more than one event together over the past couple of months without his famous wife — and some of the photos of those events have only added fuel to the numerous rumors about their marriage.

In particular, photos of Jay Z and Rihanna hugging and mingling together have sparked rumors that there could indeed be a love triangle. However, with all these rumors circulating it should be pointed out that this not at all anything new. Rumors have always plagued their relationship, especially Bey’s pregnancy. Hollywood Life has claimed before that Jay Z has been after an open marriage with Queen Bey. So this could just be more runoff from that viral 2014 rumor. On the other hand, Rihanna’s presence could also be proof that the rumors are true, right?

[Photo credit: Ny Pages]