Dak Prescott And The Cowboys Reportedly Have No Plans For Contract Talks Before Wednesday's Deadline

Dak Prescott, his agent, and the Dallas Cowboys reportedly have no scheduled times to talk about a potential contract extension before Wednesday. That day is an important one as it is the last one in which the two sides could work out a deal that would go beyond the quarterback's current one-year franchise tag contract. ESPN's Todd Archer reported on Monday that while things can change in a hurry leading up to the July 15 deadline, multiple sources have told him it's all quiet on the contract negotiation front between Prescott and the Cowboys.

Archer said there was an expectation that there would be more urgency -- either from Prescott's side or from Dallas -- to get a deal done before the deadline. Those around the team seemed to think there was real progress toward locking down the quarterback for the long term.

The writer also said it was expected when the long-term deal was finally signed, it would make Prescott one of the highest-paid players in the NFL.

Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk wrote that it doesn't appear anyone should be "holding their breath" for an announcement of an agreement. He said he was also hearing numerous reports that Prescott and the Cowboys simply aren't finding the common ground that people expected from them.

Alper added deadlines like the one looming on Wednesday can sometimes make two sides at an impasse suddenly find a way to get an agreement done. The issue, the analyst wrote, is that the two sides have had plenty of time to get something done long before this week.

Dallas has reportedly known Prescott wanted a long-term deal -- as well as the basic terms of that contract -- since last year. Despite knowing what was expected in any negotiations, the team hasn't really engaged in a meaningful way since the signal-caller became eligible for an extension, according to Alper.

Dak Prescott #4 of the Dallas Cowboys prepares to take on the Cincinnati Bengals
Getty Images | Tom Pennington

Reports from earlier this offseason indicated that the length of the contract is the sticking point. In what is a bit of an oddity, it's the team that is purportedly looking for a longer contract than the player. Prescott is said to be looking for something in the neighborhood of four years. Dallas is reportedly hoping for a seven-year agreement.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, the inability to get a contract extension signed with Prescott has had some critics wondering how dedicated the Cowboys are to their star signal-caller. Among those critics was former Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant. Earlier this spring, Bryant posited the theory the team signed former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton in case they wanted to trade Prescott.