‘Minecraft’ Fans On Xbox, Playstation Will Soon Be Able To Create Custom Superflat Worlds

Yet another feature that was previously only available on the PC version of Minecraft is now heading to all console ports of the popular sandbox creation game. Developer 4J Studios, the team responsible for bringing Minecraft to Xbox and Playstation platforms, confirmed that Superflat world creation is now in development across all consoles. The developer revealed that Xbox and Playstation users will soon be able to generate custom Superflat worlds in Minecraft after answering fan questions from their official Twitter account over the weekend.

When generating a normal Minecraft world seed, players will find themselves inside a map filled with varied terrain. The default world creation in Minceraft will construct random environments composed of a multitude of different materials that form natural hills and valleys within the voxel-based world that have differing altitudes.

However, PC players have the option to create Superflat Minecraft worlds that builds the map surface across the same even horizontal plane. A classic Superflat seed generates a large prairie that places grass blocks and two layers of dirt directly on bedrock. Minecraft fans can also choose to generate a series of other custom Superflat world types which will also soon be coming to the game’s Xbox and Playstation editions according to 4J Studios’ weekend announcement.

Minecraft (Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, PS Vita)

Rather than simply creating flat grasslands, custom Superflat world generation allows Minecraft users to build other environmental variations of flat lands. These world creation options give players the choice to make Superflat Minecraft biomes that are topped with water, snow, and sand rather than classic grass blocks. Fans can also choose to have their custom Minecraft map filled with hundreds of layers of stone block beneath the surface dirt before hitting bedrock. This gives gamers the choice to dig down into their Minecraft world if they wish.

Custom Superflat world generation is now in development for the console editions of Minecraft, but the feature likely won’t be introduced in the next Minecraft title update. A recent Inquisitr report detailed that that Minecraft Title Update 21 will focus on fixing issues found with the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PS Vita editions of Minecraft after 4J Studios confirmed last month that the next patch will focus on correcting in-game bugs rather than adding new content.

Are you a console gamer that is excited by the prospect of being able to enjoy having Superflat world creation in Minecraft’s Xbox and Playstation editions?

[Images via 4J Studios]