Is Someone Coming Between Lady Gaga And Taylor Kinney?

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Lady Gaga has been rumored to be marrying her beau of over three years, Chicago Fire star Taylor Kinney. But is he really ready to make Gaga his wife or does he have designs on someone else?

Travelers Today reported that the 28-year-old “Bad Romance” singer has been “preoccupied planning a summer wedding with her boyfriend though they haven’t legitimately gotten engaged.”

What’s more is that the 33-year-old Taylor Kinney posted a photo of him and co-star on Chicago Fire, Monica Raymund, hugging with the caption “True friends,” and it has Gaga’s Little Monsters in an uproar.

After seeing Gaga’s man hugging another woman, her fans made comments like “a big no-no” and tagging Gaga while asking “who dat.”

Fans were actually confused at first, thinking that it was Gaga hugging her man, but then realized it was Raymund wearing glasses and a hat.

So does Gaga have anything to worry about?

According to Cambio, Gaga knows about her man’s friendship with the beautiful brunette and might just be friends with her, too. When asked what Raymund thinks of Gaga, she replied that Gaga “is a doll.” Monica Raymund even tweeted her support for Gaga’s album with legendary crooner Tony Bennett.


So it appears that Gaga has absolutely nothing to worry about. While the two were rumored to have had a secret ceremony in October of last year, according to Marie Claire, it’s for real this time. The two are said to be planning their walk down the aisle for this summer.

Gaga is waiting for the summer because “she wants to get married in Malibu,” even going so far as to buy “this elegant farmhouse up in the Malibu Hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean” for her supposed nuptials.

While Gaga and Kinney aren’t formally engaged, sources say that Kinney “has a ring and is planning to propose in the next few weeks.”

While there is the possibility of an upcoming wedding, right now Lady Gaga is busy preparing for her performance with Cheek to Cheek pal, Tony Bennett, at the Grammy Awards this Sunday, February 8 at 8 p.m. on CBS.