Peter Thomas And Cynthia Bailey Opening Up A Coffee Shop

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas has been working to prove that he knows how to run a business, ever since his Uptown restaurant went bust on the first couple of seasons of the show. Peter was spotted trying to get money behind Cynthia Bailey’s back, and he was often taking phone calls behind her back. But it sounds like the exposure from the show is enough to get a solid business started.

Earlier in 2014, Peter Thomas announced that he was indeed creating a coffee line based on the flavors of Jamaica. Thomas wanted to incorporate some rum flavors into the coffee. But it sounds like Peter has something else in mind. This year, Peter announced that he is actually planning on opening up a coffee shop.

According to a new Bravo report, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas is planning on opening the coffee shop in Atlanta, so he can go in and grab a great brew whenever he wants to.

“We’re opening the first Peter’s Brew Coffee Shop the end of next month, across from Bar One, on Auburn Ave,” Peter Thomas has revealed about the new business, adding, “When I’m in town, I’m there. I already gave a slot to Cynthia’s mom. She’ll be there at the coffee shop. That’s going to be a job for her.”

Of course, Peter’s own coffee line will be included in the coffee shop, where he will be selling his own products. And it sounds like Thomas has already created several flavors of coffee.

“I’m coming up with new flavors,” Peter Thomas shares, adding, “Within the week, we’ll have all four flavors. But, yeah, we’re going to have pastries, coffee.”

It is a good place for Thomas to start his business, as there are many students in the area who would love to have a great spot to hang out. These students can hang out, grab a coffee with friends, and even do some homework.

“I think it’s a good gamble,” Peter explains, sharing his dream, “My dream is to see 100 Peter’s Brew coffee shops in the next three years. They’re not expensive to put together. I could start distributing and retailing my own goods.”

It sounds like these two are doing very well. According to the Inquisitr, there had been concerns that Cynthia had been adding her own money to support Peter’s ventures, but it sounds like he is able to make it all work on his own. As Thomas explains, these are not expensive ventures to start.

What do you think of Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey launching a coffee shop?

[Image via Bravo]