Looking For The Best Restaurants In The US? Yelp Found Them For You

Think you know the best restaurant in the U.S.? Well, maybe you do if you love Copper Top, a barbecue joint in Big Pine, California. It’s the best place to chow down, according to Yelp’s recently released list of the 100 best restaurants in America.

Yelp is a review site that gathers unsolicited reviews about eateries across the U.S. Many visitors use the site to find the best places to eat within their area.

In order to compile its list of the best restaurants, the company had to do a little math. Or, rather, a science team did some analyzing.

“To determine Yelp’s top places to eat for 2015, our data science team analyzed which places were the most popular and well reviewed over the course of 2014. Unlike our inaugural list from last year, which unearthed the best places to eat on Yelp based on almost 10 years of reviews, this time Yelp’s data science team gave more weight to recent reviews, so that Yelpers’ opinions in 2014 mattered most, while older reviews had less influence on the list.

“From food trucks to fine dining and even a cafe located in a laundromat, there are hidden gems galore and something for every taste and budget on this list.”

As Eater reports, many of the best restaurants are located in California, with over 20 places featured on the list. New York had only three restaurants on the list while Hawaii held eight of the top 100 spots.

Many of the restaurants that made the list were small eateries with lower price points, rarely getting over Yelp’s “$$” rating. Fast food restaurants like Chipotle or McDonald’s, of course, did not make the list.

The writers over at Newsmax notes that Yelp’s list held a wide range of different eateries.

“The types of restaurants varied considerably, and included ones like Persimmon Café that’s located inside a South Carolina laundromat and The Cinnamon Snail, an NYC food truck.”

Why does the location or venue matter if the food is tasty? Fans of the restaurants rave about the food, not where it is located.

One Twitter user doesn’t think any less of Persimmon Cafe in spite of it being inside a laundromat.

Do any or your favorite make the Yelp list? Which eatery really is the best restaurant in the U.S.?

[Image via Copper Top Facebook]