Real Estate Shopping Spree: Liam Payne Buys Mum And Dad A Mini Mansion

Sweet 21-year-old Liam Payne is in the running for the “Best Son Ever” award, after buying his parents a new home. This news comes shortly after the announcement that Liam recently purchased a new pad for himself. As the Inquisitr recently reported, Payne spent a lavish £5 million on a fabulous three-story property in the suburbs of Surrey.

Liam, who, along with the rest of his band One Direction, reportedly earned more than £180 during last year’s world tour, is not hurting for cash. After growing up with his parents and sisters in a more modest £150,000 semi-detached three-bedroom unit in Wolverhampton, Payne plunked down £400,000 for a new family home nearby.

According to the Sun, an unnamed friend said that Liam Payne really cares for his family, but that’s not the only reason he bought them a new house.

“Liam thinks the world of his parents and it pains him to leave his family behind when he is on tour. He is also a shrewd operator. At 21 he has shown excellent awareness of the importance of investments. 1D won’t last forever but Liam has already secured several million in bricks and mortar.”

The new home Payne bought himself has all the bells and whistles you might expect a super-pop star’s house to have. There’s a tennis court, a cinema, a swimming pool, and even a ballet studio where Liam can practice his moves.

The house he purchased for his parents is less lavish, but is definitely above average. To begin with, it’s a detached home. Built of brick, with a tidy front lawn and graceful landscaping, it boasts two stories. While additional details about the home Liam bought for his parents have yet to be released, it’s likely that the new Payne family residence is similar to others nearby.

According to Right Move UK, the neighborhood’s homes tend to have impressive grounds, lovely architectural details, and at least four bedrooms, although many have five or more. Gated drives, swimming pools, spacious garages, grand entryways, and private bars are some features offered by similar homes for sale.

Many of the fine houses in the area the Payne family will now be calling home were built in the late 1700s. Elegant facades, grand fireplaces with sandstone lintels, beautiful parlors and sitting rooms, and spectacular gardens are quite common, and the homes come with impressive pedigrees and intriguing historic stories to match.

Liam Payne isn’t the first One Direction member to purchase a home for his parents; Zayn Malik bought one for his family last June.

[Liam Payne family photo via Entertainmentwise]