Markus Persson Proves It Pays To Be A Nerd: Paid Cash For $70 Mil Mansion

Markus Persson is the proud owner of a Beverly Hills mansion. Better yet, he paid cash for his new digs, outbidding Beyoncé and Jay Z in the process. You can take a special Minecraft tour of the home at the bottom of this page, but first, some photos of the new Persson pad.

According to TMZ, Markus, who is a 35-year-old Swedish game programmer and creator of Minecraft, recently sold his company, Mojang, to Microsoft for a whopping $2.5 billion, meaning the $70 million Markus paid for his new pad amounts to a drop in the bucket.

Beyonce and Jay Z had visited the astonishing mansion multiple times, and even made an offer on it, but the couple were sorely outbid. As their offer remains undisclosed, it's not possible to make a comparison with the price Persson paid.

Why the bidding war, and what makes even a fab Beverly Hills mansion worth more than anyone has ever paid for a home in the ritzy neighborhood before? According to the pro realtors at Curbed International, the home now owned by Markus Persson is 23,000 square feet of pure genius – kind of like the Minecraft creator himself. The furnished home is loaded with awesome features, including a fully stocked candy room that Markus is already taking full advantage of.

Katia De Los Reyes, part of the real estate team representing Persson, said he loves the house's furnishings as well as its astonishing floor plan, which includes eight bedrooms, an incredible bar with amazing views, a movie theatre, and loads of other details worthy of its address.

"Markus fell in love with the house, its sleek contemporary design and its spectacular panoramic views that sweep from downtown LA to the Pacific Ocean."

The furnishings included with Markus' new pad are the perfect fit for the mansion. Not only were cases of Dom Perignon "part of the deal," the new Persson residence comes with its own replica of James Dean's motorcycle, a chromed Ma Deuce machine gun, Bentley pillows, and even some specially designed Yves Saint Laurent fire extinguishers, complete with gleaming glass cases.

Forbes reports that the estate was a speculative (spec) build by Los Angeles home developer Bruce Makowsky, who listed it for $85 million in September. Besides eight OralB 3D Braun toothbrushes for Markus and his guests, Hermes chairs and throws to keep Persson comfortable, $3,700 per-place setting dinnerware by Roberto Cavalli, and other must-have items, the house has a special car lift for moving vehicles to an underground garage.

What does Markus Persson have to look forward to besides lots of gaming and time spent basking in his new, luxurious home? Now that Warner Bros. is developing cult favorite Minecraft into a live-action film, it's likely he will continue to be rewarded for his intensely exciting and creative work while carrying out his mission of making life better for others. As Markus Persson grew up in an underprivileged family, he works hard to make the world a better place.

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