Cheating Note Viral UPDATE: Guy Who Busted The Pregnant Girlfriend Responds To Critics

Meaghan Ellis

One guy recently became an Internet sensation for his unconventional act of kindness toward a stranger who was being cheated on by his pregnant girlfriend. For those who missed it, he was reportedly sitting behind a couple at the Detroit Lions' Thanksgiving Day game when he repeatedly saw the woman texting another man!

So, he took it upon himself to write a cheating note about her deceit to her boyfriend. Then, he took things a step further when he recounted his actions in a Facebook post.

Although many viewers found the man's actions quite noble, of course, he was also scrutinized by many people who felt it really wasn't his business. Now, he's speaking out in response to the backlash he's received.

Credit: Reddit

According to Mad World News, ironically his name is "Lye." He recently offered an explanation in support of his decision to write the now-viral cheating note. Although he stated that he normally does mind his own business, for some reason, the woman's deceit unnerved him. But, apparently, that's not all she did! Lye also revealed the woman made several "snide remarks" that he and other patrons found quite disrespectful.

"She had said something that irritated me and everyone else around us."

Many viewers also disagreed with Lye's decision for another reason - the possibility of domestic abuse. What if Lye's "big reveal" led to a fight that could result in the woman and unborn child being hurt? Well, he had a response for that scenario too. "I doubt any woman who fears getting beat by her husband will speak that way and degrade him like she did or spend over 20 minutes texting the next man RIGHT BESIDE her 'abusive' man."

However, Lye also cited that the may have already had suspicions about his girlfriend's alleged infidelity. He revealed how he'd also studied the guy's actions while his girlfriend pecked away on her phone.

"The way her man kept trying to look at her phone from the corner of his eyes, you could tell he was suspicious but didn't want to get caught trying to get a glimpse and the way she would tilt her phone completely away from him when he turned to talk to her, then turn it off and put it in her purse you could tell exactly what the situation was."

[Image(s) via Reddit, Facebook]