Cocaine In Amsterdam: Health Authorities Warn Tourist About Dangers Of Deadly ‘White Heroin’ Sold As Cocaine

There is reportedly a deadly epidemic spreading around Amsterdam. However, the fatalities are not due to any form of illness. The alleged problems are the result of drug distribution.

According to the New York Daily News, local drug dealers in Amsterdam are selling a deadly form of “white heroin” masked as cocaine. Although distribution and possession of drugs is legal in Amsterdam, health officials are still forewarning tourists about making purchases because the consequences could potentially be fatal.

On Thursday, November 27, a large warning sign was put in place outside the Dutch capital’s Central Station. The sign which reads, “Extremely dangerous cocaine is sold to tourists,” follows the death of two British men who died after consuming the deadly cocaine. Law enforcement officials have stated that the two men, identified as Shaun Brotherston and Bradley Price, allegedly snorted a lethal substance referred to as “white heroin.”

According to BBC News, Police spokesman Rob van der Veen cited that traces of the questionable white substance were found at the scene of the crime.


“These are the first cases the police have seen where white heroin has been taken as cocaine in the Netherlands,” van der Veen said. “We checked the powder and it looked like cocaine, but after testing it we found it was white heroin. The contents were the same as material we seized in other cases where people got ill.”

Investigators also stated that the men may have assumed they were purchasing cocaine, reports Mixmag. Since authorities have learned that dealers are reportedly selling the substance for the same price as cocaine, many are being mislead to believe that’s what it actually its. But, that is definitely not the case.

[Image via Reddit]