Miley Cyrus Pregnancy Rumors: Is 'Wrecking Ball' Star Carrying Patrick Schwarzenegger's Baby?

According to the latest rumors circulating online surrounding the possibility that Miley Cyrus is pregnant with Patrick Schwarzenegger's baby, some sources have alleged that the Wrecking Ball star missed her period, and that a pregnancy test she did came out positive.

First off, it's always hard to know whether or not the allegations and claims that media sources make are true. On top of that, when it comes to the scandalous world of celebrity gossip, it's usually the tabloid press which spreads the speculation, making it hard to distinguish truth from falsehood.

That being said, as the old adage goes, "there's (usually) no smoke without fire." After all, the rumors must come from somewhere, especially if numerous media outlets are reporting them.

A recent report in Life & Style magazine, for example, claims that a source told them that Miley Cyrus is at least one month pregnant, despite the fact she is keeping quiet about it. The source claims that in October, Miley mentioned that "her period was late, so she took two pregnancy tests."

The source continued, "One came back negative -- and the other came back positive. Friends are convinced she's in the early stages of pregnancy."

Other media outlets, such as, added fuel to the fire, claiming that Miley was heard saying that she and Patrick Schwarzenegger "would make the cutest kids."

Meanwhile,, which also reported the story, noted that the former Disney star was rumored to have been having a baby with her previous boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, although those rumors turned out to be untrue.

Miley and Patrick first started dating back in 2011, having both been reportedly very keen on each other for some time. According to Hollywood Life, Miley has also focused her attention on him fully now, as "it's all about Patrick now."

It remains to be seen whether or not the Miley Cyrus pregnancy rumors hold any truth to them or not, as there's been no comment from her or Patrick on the matter since the rumors broke.