Harold Henthorn Pushes Wife From Cliff? Sinister And Gruesome Details Emerge

Newly unsealed court documents reveal a tremendous amount of incriminating information against Harold Henthorn. Henthorn has been charged with shoving his wife to her death from a cliff in the Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park.

The Huffington Post reports that a park map was found in Henthorn and his wife’s car with a large “X” marking the exact spot where she fell. Yet Henthorn was like a deer in headlights when questioned about the “X,” with no explanation.


An affidavit within the documents reveals that Rebecca Roberts, a friend of Henthorn’s, reported that after Henthorn’s wife death, he told her (Roberts) that he had taken six different hikes at the national park, about two weeks prior to their trip. Henthorn claims he was “trying to find the hike to take Toni on their anniversary weekend. Henthorn told her he planned every minute of their trip,” as reported by the Denver Channel.

The court documents also reveal that there are conflicting stories given by Henthorn regarding the account of the accident. According to the Denver Channel, Henthorn initially said he had received a text regarding his daughter’s soccer game when he “saw a blur, looked up and saw Toni was gone.” But Henthorn changed his story, stating that he was looking for a text message about his daughter getting to the babysitter’s house.

Investigators reveal that there were no texts on Henthorn’s phone that matched up with the time frame of when Toni fell 140 feet to her death.

Henthorn's wife, Toni

Henthorn also said his wife, Toni fell when she was trying to take a picture of the beautiful view and she slipped. As more details emerge from the court documents, it has been revealed that Henthorn may have attempted to kill Toni prior to her fatal fall.

The Huffington Post reports that Henthorn and Toni were alone working at their mountain cabin. Toni was inside the cabin while Henthorn was outside working on the roof of the porch. Henthorn called for Toni to come outside and help him. As she went outside on the porch, she bent over to look at something on the ground when suddenly a 20-foot beam fell on her head, fracturing her vertebrae. Toni told her mother if she hadn’t bent over, the beam would have certainly killed her.

Another interesting fact is that Henthorn, who was dating three women at the time, reviewed all the women’s financial statements and determined that Toni was the best choice, as she was a very successful ophthalmologist. It has come to light, as Westword reports, that Henthorn was an unemployed “kept” man who seems to have lied about being employed, and who stood to gain $4.5 million from Toni’s life insurance policy.

It has also been released that Henthorn is now under investigation for the death of his first wife, Sandra Lynn Henthorn, in 1995. Her death had been ruled as an accident, but the case has now been reopened in light of the evidence surrounding Toni’s death.

According to Westword, Henthorn’s first wife, Sandra, was crushed by their car while Henthorn was changing a tire in a desolate location. Allegedly, “the car came off the jack as Henthorn was throwing the tire in the trunk, crushing his wife, who was under the car for unknown reasons.”

Henthorn's first wife, Sandra

Henthorn received $500,000 from a life insurance policy Henthorn had taken out on Sandra a few months prior to her death.

Henthorn, who has been charged with first-degree murder, has been denied bail and is sitting in jail until he receives his verdict. Bail was denied because Henthorn would have had immediate access to $1.5 million, and was considered to be a flight risk to the court.

The Huffington Post reports Henthorn’s statement to authorities.

“If there was an indictment, law enforcement can “come in my house and cabin, and dig for girlfriends in my backyard.”

Toni leaves behind her 9-year-old daughter.

[Photo Credit: NYDailynews.com, Westword.com]