Mario Batali: ‘Food Network’ Chef Being Sued For Odor, Noise At Waverly Restaurant

Mario Batali, the famous chef known for his work on Food Network, is being sued by a man who lives next to his Babbo Ristorante eatery. According to the New York Post, 61-year-old Nurettin Akgul believes that living next to Mario Batali’s Waverly restaurant is pure hell, and he is suing the celebrity chef for damages.

Court documents indicate that Nurettin Akgul, who lives on Waverly Place in Greenwich Village, is suing Mario Batali because his restaurant wreaks of food, grease, and garlic. The noise level is also a concern for the disgruntled man. According to Akgul, Mario Batali agreed to follow the rules outlined in a variance agreement, but says that once his variance application was approved, he did absolutely nothing, according to the New York Daily News.

Instead, Nurettin Akgul was left to deal with a foul odor and the loud, disturbing noise of large fans from air conditioning units at Batali’s restaurant. Many people enjoy the constant hum of a fan. In fact, many people like the ambient sound of a fan so much that special applications are downloaded daily just to listen to the sound at night.

For Nutterin Akgul, the “unrelenting vibrations and a chronic hum” kills his sleeping ability, and now he is asking the judge for a whopping $10 million dollars in damages. In the court document, Akgul makes the following complaint.

“The humming is so intense, I cannot even open my window in the back. I can smell everything they cook, the garlic, and when they use chemicals to clean the exhaust dust we get the stuff in our windows. It’s really a nuisance.”

Despite the strong smell of garlic, Chef Mario Batali’s famous Babbo’s eatery is still a hit with the people of New York. Here is what some of them have to say on Facebook and Trip Advisor.

“Loved your restaurant “babbo”, great food!!”

“One of my favorite chefs!”

“I just want to go back and taste all the menu”

“Truly, one of the best meals I ever had.”

Writer and TV personality Mario Batali has been on the scene in the culinary world of New York City for many years, but became known to Food Network fans in the early 2000s. Some of his most famous recipes include his Baked Eggplant: Melanzane al Forno, Ragu Bolognese, and Bechamel Sauce. In 2012, the Inquisitr reported that Mario Batali settled a class action lawsuit that accused him of cheating his servers out tip money.

[Photo Credit: Facebook]