'Dancing With The Stars' Rumor: Ross Lynch, Cousin Of Julianne Hough, Could Be Joining Cast

Nathan Francis

The Dancing With The Stars rumors are pointing to a family reunion of sorts for dancer-turned-judge Julianne Hough.

Reports are circulating that Disney star Ross Lynch, who also happens to be a cousin to both Derek and Julianne Hough, could be joining the cast of the show. Lynch visited the set of Dancing With The Stars along with his R5 bandmates, who watched the show from the front row. Ross also made an appearance on DWTS All Access along with his brother and bandmate Riker.

The appearance set off the rumor mill, with reports that Ross Lynch could be in talks to join the dancing competition.

Some sources say an offer has already been made and now it's up to Lynch to decide if he wants to take time off from filming his Disney show Austin & Ally to compete.

"They have asked him and the offer is always on the table," a source told Hollywood Life. "He has said 'no' so far but they will keep asking him. It's all up to him."

Adding Lynch to the show would seem to be a good fit. ABC has been known to pluck Disney stars to appear on the show, including Zendaya and Kyle Massey, and Lynch appears to be one of the brightest stars in the Disney family at the moment. He anchors one of the most popular shows, has gained a large audience through his music, and was featured in the 2013 Disney film Teen Beach Movie.

Lynch also has a connection in Julianne Hough, who appears to be pushing for her cousin to join the show.

"Ross! He would be amazing. He would do really well," Julianne told Hollywood Life. "Any of the Lynch's would do amazing. All of my cousins!"

If the Dancing With The Stars rumors are true and Ross Lynch is picked, it could still be a while before fans find out. The official cast for the next season of the show is still likely months from being released.

[Image via Disney Channel]