Father Sentenced To Seven Years For Violently Shaking Infant Daughter To 'Spastic' Quadriplegic State: Justice?

Kevin Peaslee shook his then 6-month-old daughter, Aleah M. Peaslee, so violently that she's now disabled for life. According to the WCSH-6, the infant suffered brain damage and she's now quadriplegic, unable to see or hear. The poor baby, who is currently fighting for her life, has to be fed through a tube and is expected to succumb to premature death.

Now, her father is facing the consequences for his actions. On Friday, Nov. 14, Peaslee was sentenced to seven years in prison by Justice Carl O. Bradford in Kennebec County Superior Court.

On Oct. 9, Peaslee plead guilty to the aggravated assault of the baby, which took place on Dec. 21, 2013.

"I shook her because I was just so pissed off 'cause she was soaked," Peaslee said. "I took her in my arms and I drove and I got pulled over," adding, "I did shake her and that's what made her have the seizure."
At the sentencing, Peaslee released a statement in regards to the tragic incident. The child's mother, Ginny Trask, also spoke. He remorsefully took responsibility for his actions. Although he expressed he was "frustrated" that day, he understands there's nothing that can be done to change the situation. According to WGME, Peaslee just "lost it." and he still does not know why he shook his daughter.
"It was a horrible mistake that I can't change no matter how much I wish I could," said Peaslee. "I'm not a violent person. I was frustrated that day. She just had shots the day before, and they always make her extra fussy.Nothing will change how I feel about her and I want her to know how terribly sorry I am and I hope that one day she will forgive her father," he said.
"I tried everything I could to soothe her that day," Peaslee said. "I rocked her. I did everything I thought a father could do to calm my baby down. After a while I left the room because I got so frustrated. One part of me was telling me to wait for Ginny to come home."
Peaslee also stated that he was unaware of the dangers of shaking a baby. Although the hospital showed a video stressing the severity of such actions at the time of the child's birth, he admitted he didn't pay much attention to the footage.

Judge Bradford also released a statement in reference to the child's injuries, reports Press Herald.

Aleah's caregiver also put things into perspective with a statement about the child's condition. ""Another person's choice has given her a life sentence," the caregiver expressed. However, her father will only serve seven years in prison.

Do you feel seven years is a substantial prison sentence for Peaslee's life-altering actions? Share your thoughts.

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