Is This The Coolest Priest In The World? Tattooed, Bearded, Hipster Priest Rides Skateboards, Spreads The Word Of The Lord

Rob Popejoy doesn’t look like your ordinary priest. Instead of wearing the usual garments that you would associate with a man of the cloth, the 30-year-old rocks a long beard, has copious amount of tattoos and loves to ride his motorbike.

But don’t let all of that fool you — the part-time model still takes his role very seriously. In fact, the college chaplain even incorporates his pastimes into his work, as he has a huge tattoo of Jesus blazoned across his chest.

Popejoy has now been discussing his role within the church and he’s admitted that the couldn’t be prouder of his “less than conventional style.” He also believes that it has allowed him to develop a closer relationships with his “parishioners on a one-to-one level.” The tattooed vicar who also rides a skateboard during his leisure time, and sings along to hip-hop too, has now opened up even further about his life as a priest.

“I try to do things differently. As I am representing religion and faith, I think we need to challenge the old traditional ways to keep religion fresh and approachable to all. You can still be religious, be who you want to be, and be up for a good laugh.”

Popejoy also noted that he is trying to break the idea that those involved with the church have to deploy a certain look.

“There is a common misconception that church leaders tend to have a certain holier than thou look to them, but I am just me.”

Alongside his tattoo of Jesus Christ, Popejoy also has the date of his baptism on his arm, as well as the Star Wars rebellion logo too. Popejoy started to gain more and more recognition after he was asked to do modeling for some students at the City of Bath College, where he works. These were then displayed in a number of prominent positions around the institution. However, despite this work, he went on to declare that he isn’t considering his job as a priest to launch a modeling career.

“It’s great that people recognise I look different and think I look good in photographs, but I am not about to give up my day job and launch a modeling career.”

And let’s not forget just how perfect his name is for his position too. Surely he can only be a priest?

[Image via the Daily Mail]