Adorable Four Year Old Kid Calls 911, But Not For What You Think [Video]

Parents are constantly telling their kids to call 911 if they ever need help, but this adorable four-year-old took the advice to another level with his question. When the dispatcher took this call, he probably never imagined who would be at the other end.

The video was posted on December of last year, However, it is so cute that we decided to share it anyway after seeing it on Facebook, where a lot of these things usually come from. There is only the name Johnny, but no location for the call and we don’t know who the boy is, but it surely is cute.

It is true that 911 should only be used for life-threatening emergencies and to waste the time of dispatchers could put other people at risk, but this video generated over 5 million views for a reason. The four-year-old kid is just too adorable.

The best part is that the operator is not rude or gives the innocent child a lecture when he simply says he needs help with his math homework. After all, we’ve all been there at one time or another, unable to solve those pesky math questions.

Apparently the four-year-old kid was told by his mom to call 911 when he needed help. Naturally, when he couldn’t solve his math assignment for the day he picked up the phone and call the emergency number.

At first the dispatcher doesn’t quite understand the question but the confident kid finally gets his point across and even though he was probably busy, the man starts the adorable conversation with the four-year-old.

After a while of back and forth question, the mother of the little one realizes he is on the phone and wonders who her son is talking to. At four, he probably doesn’t use the phone very often. The mother’s reaction is priceless and will have you laughing for a long while.

When the woman realizes her little boy is on the phone, she is heard screaming, “Johnny, what do you think you’re doing?” To which Johnny replies with the obvious, “The policeman is helping me with my math.”

It appears the operator must have notified one of his co-workers of the cute call, because he says, “It’s the mother.”

More yelling is heard on the background as the little kid says, “You said that if I need help to call somebody.”

“I didn’t mean the police,” the woman yelled.

We don’t know if the woman apologized to the 911 dispatcher, as that is the end of the recording. We also don’t know if anybody got in trouble for using 911 for math homework help, but this video will surely make anyone who watches it laugh for a long while.

[Image via Shutterstock]