Video Compilation Of Dogs In Amazing Halloween Costumes [Video]

From Yo Gabba Gabba to Mario Brothers, this video features Maymo the lemon beagle and his sister Penny in a variety of amazing dog Halloween costumes.

Maymo has become a YouTube sensation after his owner created a personal account for him. His owner notes the account is here to share Maymo as he journeys through life, sometimes making poor choices.

“Maymo the lemon beagle is caught on film making very poor choices. This dog rolls in pickles, hoards water jugs, and destroys an antique stuffed panda bear before he gets caught and ultimately ‘shamed’ for his skullduggery. Inspired by the site ‘Dog Shaming,’ where you can find more doggies being shamed for their poor behavior.”

In the video, you see Maymo featured alongside his sister Penny. The duo can be seen trick-or-treating, but each time the pair is seen at a new door, their outfits change. My personal favorite was the Yoda costume which can be seen at the :08 mark. However, the 0:39 is pretty priceless with the unicorn duo.

As the door opens each time, you can see the pups receiving a variety of different “treats.” However, from a dog perspective, I think many of these items would fall more closely to the “trick” category. A teapot with a kitten face, rosary and a variety of weapons, it appears the dogs are not very impressed.

Fortunately for the pups, at the end of the video, they are showered with doggie treats, and everyone has a happy Halloween.

Which costume was your favorite?

Want to see more Maymo? Watch as he balances a variety of fruits and veggies on his head, wearing some as hats.