Kate Middleton Pregnant With A Baby Boy? Duchess Stays ‘Mum’ During Third Appearance

Is Kate Middleton pregnant with a baby girl or a baby boy? That seems to be the question that everyone is wondering now that the Duchess of Cambridge and her husband have announced that they are indeed expecting their second child together. According to OK! Magazine, Kate stepped out for an event on Friday, but stayed quiet when someone asked her if she was having a boy or a girl. Since she is only 13 weeks along, chances are she doesn’t even know the answer yet.

Based on what Kate has been wearing since her return to the public eye, some believe that she is having another boy. There has been a lot of blue and black in her wardrobe lately, and some say that it could be an early mother’s intuition poking through. Other style watchers will tell you that Kate has favored the color blue since Prince William presented her with his mother’s sapphire ring. And that’s true.

Kate Middleton is so happy to be feeling better after three months of being stuck inside the house suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. According to E! News, the Duchess wore a black and nude Temperley London gown to the Action on Addiction event, and told at least one supporter that she “loved” being out after spending so many weeks in. Needless to say, those at the charity event were just as thrilled to see Kate as she was to see them.

“We’re obviously all aware, there was a bit of nervousness that this may not happen with her being here. But we’re so pleased that she’s recovered and she’s here. What she’s done for Action on Addiction is superb in terms of putting it on the map,” said supporter Christopher Holder.

Kate Middleton didn’t waste any time jumping back in to her royal duties. While many expected her to take things slow, she attended at least three events at the end of last week alone. Most people can’t say enough wonderful things about the Duchess of Cambridge. She is quite sweet and lovely, and everyone is happy to see her feeling better. It is up to William and Kate to share the sex of their second child, but if they don’t, the news will come soon enough. The royal baby is due in April of 2015. The name of the child is another story altogether. According to an earlier report by The Inquisitr, William’s step-mother wants the royal baby named after her!

Do you think Kate is expecting a baby girl or a baby boy?

[Photo courtesy of Independent]