WWE News: Backstage Update On How Much WWE Developmental Wrestlers Actually Make

Joe Burgett

WWE has been bringing in a lot of talented wrestlers to their developmental program. WWE NXT is one of the best shows in all of wrestling, and well worth getting the WWE Network if only for it. Of course, every PPV and numerous specials that WWE also puts on the Network is a pretty good reason too. In any case, WWE NXT has been proving that WWE wants to give fans what they want: better wrestling and better characters.

Triple H is a real-life executive in WWE, and is the Head of Talent Relations. That means any wrestler you see coming or going into WWE, Triple H had a hand in their release or signing. That is an extremely difficult position to be in, however, you deserve praise when you do things right. Triple H has not only given developmental talent a place to hone their skills in the WWE Performance Center, but he has also brought in some of the best wrestlers in the world. So at least there is something to like about The Game these days, right?

One thing many have wondered is how the pay scale works in developmental. Many of these people sign a two to three-year developmental contract. While many are not there that long, as you have some who jump to the main roster pretty quick... there are others who are there longer than usual. Tyler Breeze is the perfect example of this. He has been in WWE's developmental territories of FCW and NXT for about four years now.

Meanwhile, you have some that spent less than a year in developmental, such as several of WWE's Divas.

What WWE is doing now is trying to prevent early jumps to the main roster, simply because WWE has plenty of Superstars and Divas. There is no reason to throw someone up there when they aren't ready.

Still though, main roster money is pretty good, and many want to cash in. Developmental contracts aren't bad, however. In it being reported now that WWE has a pay scale structure in how they pay developmental wrestlers.

Bo Dallas, Adrian Neville

Most of the NXT talent gets paid betweem $25,00 and $26,000 per year. However, most Indy guys coming in such as Prince Devitt and Kevin Steen get about $45,000 per year. This is due to the fact that many Indy guys get paid well. Devitt alone was making extremely good money in New Japan Pro-Wrestling. So he'd have to make at least some sort of good revenue in order to jump ship. Of course, people do not expect him to be in developmental long.

NXT Divas are said to get paid about $50,000 a year. This is due to the fact that WWE feels that Divas need a bit more for "upkeep" purposes. You can fill in the blanks with whatever you want on that end.

Ex-football players start around $52,000 a year, as many are used to getting six-figure salaries. Many in the NFL get paid well to be second and third string, so this is not out of the norm. WWE just feels that for them to take wrestling seriously, they need to make great money day one.

In addition to all of this, many of the wrestlers and divas were given a raise when WWE moved the developmental system to Orlando from Tampa last year.

So it appears that WWE gives the ladies a bit more starting out, however, the men get paid thousands more on the main roster than the ladies. The highest reported salary for a woman ever in WWE was near half a million per year, meanwhile many of the men make this now, if not more. While many guys get paid okay money, this comes with potentially more due to TV or merchandise material. So the salary is simply based on being under contract and what is guaranteed to you from it.

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