WWE News: Big News Regarding NXT Star Sami Zayn And A Main Roster Debut

WWE NXT has been one of the top shows on WWE Network since it's launch earlier in the year. Many fans used to find the show online as much as possible, due to the fantastic wrestling NXT would produce. One man who has been part of many top matches in NXT's history is Sami Zayn. A former Indy wrestler known as El Generico, Zayn was known for being the random tall white Hispanic character who was comedic in concept.

The interesting part is that fans loved it. He was able to have terrific matches and rivalries in various promotions, so the idea of the character worked out. When Generico came to WWE a while back, fans immediately began to worry. I for one thought that he would fizzle out quickly if the mask was removed. Not only did WWE remove the mask, but they changed his name and gave him literally no gimmick at all. He was simply Sami Zayn.

There was nothing of major value added to him, but the removal of the mask was a worry for fans. Zayn was able to remedy problems by simply going out and having amazing matches. His matches with Cesaro were the stuff of legend. It put him on the map more than ever before, and it was freaky how awesome this guy was. The overall talent he possesses is so high that many feel he can do anything and still be loved by WWE fans.

The "Ole" chant still follows him, and we can expect it to do so when he appears on the main roster. The only question is, when will he appear on the main roster full time?

Zayn Neville

Zayn was in Canada this past week in Montreal. Montreal happens to be his hometown, which is one reason he is fluent in both French and English. He was used as a main focus of the show, which is a big compliment by WWE and their staff. WWE has other Canadians on the main roster who would be just fine as a focus, but they picked Zayn, which is interesting to say the least.

While he did end up losing his match to Adrian Neville, he cut a promo after the match was over. Later in the night, he made the save in a faces versus heels stand-off. Afterward, his music played and the crowd chanted "Ole." This only proves that the chant will follow him. It is also a big thing on WWE's end. Canada is a major market for WWE, and one they have not been able to tap into since Edge retired. Montreal has been lost since Bret Hart left the company, when the infamous Montreal Screw Job took place. While the screw job is water under the bridge for Hart and WWE, the area and the entire country for that matter needs a new hero.

Zayn clearly fits the bill. It appeared as if WWE was trying to see how the live event crowds reacted to him there. They appeared to take to him well according to live reports.

Zayn could be moving up to WWE's main roster very soon. It helps that he has a countrymen on his side in Montreal native Pat Patterson.

Another indication that he will be heading up soon is that he has a match on NXT's next live show, WWE NXT Taker: Evolution. Creative name by Triple H, right?

Zayn Neville RAW

The match he has is for the NXT World Championship. He will take on Adrian Neville, but if he loses, he has to leave NXT. So it is title vs career.

One concept is that this match could end in Zayn winning the title, which would allow Neville to jump up to the main roster. However, although Neville is also rumored to be seeing the main roster soon, Zayn is the guy with the most marketability right now. This would mean that Zayn would be the first to bring up, so he could always lose this match and end up on the main roster as a result. WWE did this with Bo Dallas, but he was also champion at the time. He lost and then was forced to leave NXT for the main roster. He ended up coming back a bit, but he was pretty much done.

That being said, just because you're NXT Champion does not mean you cannot jump to the main roster. In fact, all three previous champions debuted on the main roster while still champion. Neville was the only one who has not.

Who knows what WWE decides to do. However, due to recent tests and match making, it appears like we will end up seeing Sami Zayn on RAW or SmackDown before too long.

[IMG Credits: WWE.com, IGN.com, vk.com]