Juliette Lewis Wants Misty Upham’s Death Investigated As Murder

Juliette Lewis is mourning the suspicious death of her friend and movie co-star Misty Upham. Juliette is actually doing a bit more than simply mourning the loss of her friend — Lewis is actively calling for an investigation, claiming there was no way Upham could have committed suicide.

Days after the body of the actress was found, shock and sadness have descended among her friends and family, including Lewis. Juliette took to Twitter shortly after the discovery to voice her regret, shoclk and anger at what she is calling a murder. As proof that the death was not self inflicted, Juliette Lewis has said that Misty Upham feared for her life. She also said that while Upham did suffer from bipolar disorder, that Lewis and the family have put any thought of this being an accident or a suicide out of their mind.

Juliette voiced her fears on Twitter, stating that this would be dismissed as a troubled woman simply getting into an accident or committing suicide.

She said, “All I want is a thorough investigation into MistyUpham’s death and not old Native American tensions or her past emotional probs to prevent it.”

According to CBS News, one particular tweet indicated Upham believed her life could be in danger because Misty was vocal about the violence she witnessed on reservations.

“Misty told me about horrible violence she suffered on NA reservations She felt she coul be murdered! Bcuz she was vocal,” the tweet read. It was followed with the hashtag #thisisnotasuicide.

Of course, neither Juliette Lewi, nor any one else who cared for the actress have any idea what exactly happened yet. What Lewis and others have started to do is merely make sure the police actually investigate this death, as opposed to writing it off as one thing or another and be done with it.

Juliette is far from the only co-star voicing her sadness and anger over the death. Meryl Streep and Melissa Leo have taken to social media to stand and show their support for the Upham family. Juliette hasn’t started a campaign or anything close to that either. Lewis doesn’t appear to be attempting to flavor the investigation simply making sure there actually is an investigation at some point. Misty Upham might have broken out with her role in August: Osage County, but she was already an accomplished actress. Juliette Lewis is simply the latest actress whose heart was touched by the Native American woman.