Portia De Rossi Baby Decision: Actress Admits She Feels She’s ‘Disappointing’ America

Portia de Rossi baby rumors just won’t seem to die no matter how many times the actress addresses them. De Rossi’s marriage with Ellen DeGeneres seems to be back on solid ground these days, but that seemingly only fuels the fire of fans wanting Ellen and Portia and have a baby. They’ve said it’s not happening, and now Portia is opening up about how much pressure she’s felt from fans over it.

DeGeneres and de Rossi have always said that they didn’t plan on having children together. Despite that, rumors frequently circulate that their plans have changed. Portia just appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked openly about the topic.

As ABC News shares, Portia says that at this point, by not having a baby, she almost feels as if she’s disappointing all of America rather than just her mom. She says that not only are the tabloids always after her about it, her mom is too, and though she’s joking about it, surely it’s getting to be a bit much.

De Rossi adds that while the couple loves babies and plays with them, they’re ready to leave when play time is over. She even jokes that her brother is too smart to leave her alone with his children. Portia admits that her wife Ellen may have a leg up over her with her nieces, as DeGeneres has the power to introduce the girls to some amazing people and opportunities.

Just a few days ago, Ellen and Portia were together on DeGeneres’ show, and they joked about the ongoing baby rumors. As noted by the Examiner, Portia and Ellen said that they are not, nor will they ever be, expecting a baby. They did tease fans a bit that they might be pulling a fast one on fans, but they ended with saying that they really, truly are not having a baby together.

Though the two might be a bit tired of the baby and pregnancy rumors, one would think that these rumors are somewhat less annoying than the constant divorce rumors they dealt with for a while. Though the two had supposedly been on the verge of a split for a while, it does seem that the marriage is strong at this point.

Despite the fact there is neither a divorce or a baby on the way, the two are keeping busy. De Rossi is currently starring on Scandal, and the couple has many other things going on these days. Will the tabloids and fans cut the couple some slack now that the Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi baby talk has been debunked by the couple yet again?

[Image via ET Online]