October 16, 2014
Rumors: Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner Split? Couple Has Reached 'Breaking Point,' Marriage Over?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner might seem to be really happy together, but sources close to the couple say that it is just a cover. The actors have reportedly been dealing with a "marriage crisis" and have both just about reached their "breaking point." According to Star Magazine, Jen has all kinds of problems with Ben -- from his alleged gambling addiction to his affinity for beautiful women -- which he may or may not actually act on.

"They have a lot of pressure on their shoulders to publicize the heck out of these movies, and in doing so they need to appear to have a picture perfect marriage, but really, Jen is unhappy, and she doesn't trust Ben," shared a source.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner have been at the center of divorce rumors before, however with their recent public love fest surrounding Ben's latest flick Gone Girl, the timing of this round of rumors is certainly peculiar. About a week ago, Gossip Cop reported that a $150 million divorce was not in the cards for this power couple... but that has not stopped people from talking. A source told the site that divorce rumors were "100 percent false," but no one reputable would actually comment on this sort of thing, would they? Even a rep would likely deny the rumors or say that they "don't comment" on their clients' personal lives.

Anyway, Ben and Jen have three children together, and they have been married since 2005 so they totally know the drill by now. If Jen isn't pregnant, Ben is gambling... and if they aren't cheating on each other, there is a divorce in the works. The media rarely leaves happy couples alone, but with the Hollywood curse and the divorce rate amongst famous duos? The media just might get it right one of these times.

Ben Affleck's gambling issues have supposedly made Jennifer Garner "furious," but she doesn't seem to be in any sort of rush to divorce him. According to the Inquisitr, Jen isn't a fan of her husband's late night casino romps -- like, at all.

"Ben has a compulsive personality. Once he starts gambling, he can't stop ­ and he stays up all night, betting thousands, then sleeps all day, which infuriates Jen."
Despite Jen's decision to stick by her man, it is clear that they have some issues... but that does not necessarily mean that they will split.

[Photo courtesy of PopSugar]