Mark Wahlberg, Bros Open Wahlburgers Restaurant

Not bros in the Entourage sense, Wahlberg and his actual brothers have opened a joint.

Earlier we wrote about Mark Wahlberg's plans to open the restaurant with siblings Donnie and Paul in Hingham, Massachusetts. Donnie you may remember from New Kids on the Block, the 80's band in which he became famous worldwide. (He later played a role in the film The Sixth Sense.) Paul Wahlberg isn't in showbiz, but he operates a successful Hingham restaurant called Alma Nove in honor of the boys' mother. Awww.

So Clan Wahlberg got together and cooked up Wahlburgers, news of which hit in late August. Now all the tables have been polished, the patties have been made and the mothers have been said 'hi' to, because Wahlburgers has opened in the Hingham Shipyard. Us Magazine says:

With Paul wearing the chef hat, the grand opening was a family affair as the brothers' invited mom Alma Elaine to join them on the red carpet. The restaurant's menu offers hamburgers with Paul's secret sauce, white bean and prosciutto soup, and Italian cold cut sandwiches (among other items).
The restaurant is reportedly a "Boston meets Hollywood-themed burger restaurant" and pays homage to the brothers' working class roots with all burgers topped with "government cheese." The red carpet opening was Monday, but Wahlburgers opened to the public today with a menu including Prosciutto Wrapped Cod with parmesan risotto and Veal Tenderloin with parmesan potato cake. The offerings were disclosed on the official Wahlburgers Twitter account, which has almost 8,000 followers.

Do you think Wahlburgers will expand and become a larger brand?