Olivia Wilde Leaves 'House' Tonight, Hugh Laurie 'Greatly Saddened'

Dan Evon

Olivia Wilde will be saying goodbye to "House" tonight as her character Thirteen leaves the show. Hugh Laurie's fictional character will undoubtedly drowned out his pain with pills during tonight's episode, but the Golden Globe winning actor is a little more open about his feelings than his fictional counterpart.

Laurie said:

“There is a great sadness that Olivia is leaving us and moving on... Although it never came as any great surprise to anybody. Olivia was like a gunpowder fuse that was lit 15 years ago. Olivia is a real delight to be around and we will miss her very, very much. She’s obviously headed for great things.”

Wilde said:

"It's been an extraordinary time on the show for me. My work has gotten so much better from learning from Hugh and the other actors and working with this writing staff. I see it as a chapter, a really important chapter in my life, and one that will affect me for my entire career. It's a strange feeling thinking I won't be coming here every morning, but all I feel is gratitude. My film career is thanks to House."

Will you miss Olivia Wilde on "House."