Andrej Pejic Documents Male To Female Transition In ‘Andrej(a) – The Documentary’ [Video]

Andrej Pejic was born male, the second of two sons in a family living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Pejic’s parents divorced shortly after the birth of their second child, and the family, with the exception of the boys’ father, moved to Australia when the boys were still children. Pejic realized as a young teen that he was a girl living in the body of a 13-year-old boy. Now, 10 years after that moment of self-discovery, Andrej Pejic has officially become Andreja. With the help of surgeons specializing in sex reassignment surgery, her physical male-to-female transformation is finally complete. The process was documented in Andrej(a) – The Documentary.

According to People, Andrej(a) – The Documentary is being directed by Eric Miclette. There is still approximately six months worth of filming remaining on the project. The documentary is being made possible in part by a brilliant Kickstarter campaign that has raised more than $30,000. Since the goal of the campaign was to raise $200,000, there are still plenty of opportunities for supporters to get involved. For example, a donation in the amount of $10,000 or more allows a generous benefactor to be listed as a producer on the film. For those without quite as large a sum to contribute, there are also rewards for donations as small as $2 (for inclusion in the “Special Thanks” section of a website) to $5,000 (for a special photo shoot with Andreja herself).

Andrej Pejic told friend Eric Miclette about the planned male to female sex reassignment surgery on a snowy day in New York City, and Miclette immediately introduced the idea of documenting the journey on film. What’s amazing is that Pejic didn’t come out publicly as transgender until the summer of 2014. In such a short space of time, she has both come out publicly as a trans woman and become a woman through surgery.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Andrej Pejic made a splash in the fashion world with her androgynous look, which enabled her to model menswear and women’s clothing with equal ease. The 23-year-old model found herself in the enviable position of being able to strut her stuff on the runway wearing creations by designers such as Jean-Paul Gaultier and Marc Jacobs. Now that she has undergone gender reassignment surgery, she will be modeling exclusively women’s wear.

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[Image via Kickstarter]