Holly Bobo's Remains Found And Identified

The remains of the missing nursing student Holly Bobo were found Sunday in Decatur County and properly identified as the victim.

Holly Bobo was a 20-year-old nursing student who vanished from her home in Tennessee on April 13, 2011. Three years later, human remains were found near a prime suspect, Zachary Adams, and an arrest was made.

"It's taken us three years to get to this point," the TBO director said. "We can't mess it up now," said Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn when he announced that 29-year-old Zachary Adams was the murderer.

According to an earlier report from The Inquisitr, Zachary Adams and Jason Autry were arrested and indicted for the abduction and murder of Bobo. The remains, however, were not identified at the time.

"We have no reason to believe that this is the body of Holly Bobo and we have no reason to believe that it isn't," Sheriff Byrd said.

DNA tests were run to determine if the remains really did belong to Bobo. Byrd commented on how the case had touched "every life in the county" and promised to bring Bobo's killers to justice.

"My original goal was to find Holly," he said. "My new goal is to see to it that the people that did this are punished."

"This is someone's missing loved one but at this point we don't know who," said District Attorney Matt Stowe. "We're going to provide sad closure to a family who is missing someone."

Now, overwhelming evidence has suggested that Bobo's remains were indeed found.

"The evidence is voluminous," District Attorney Matt Stowe said. "We are going to make sure that everyone who played a part in the heinous crime that has attacked the peace and dignity of the State of Tennessee faces a consequence for that."

Now that Bobo's remains are found, a stronger case can be made against the two men who are facing murder and kidnapping charges. In fact, after her remains were found, DA Stowe said, "We still think there's someone out there that we need to get ahold of" in relation to the case. "We're trying to dot i's and cross t's and make sure that nobody escapes the net."

Two brothers, Jeffrey Kurt Pearcy and Mark Pearcy, also face charges of tampering with evidence and accessory after the fact. Both men have proclaimed their innocence.

DA Stowe is currently seeking the death penalty for the two men.