Rick Ross Brings More Wingstop Locations To Memphis

Rick Ross is expanding his Wingstop empire in Memphis, Tennessee.

If you were hoping the rap mogul would share his love of lemon pepper chicken with more residents of the city, then Ross has magically answered your prayers. Rick recently opened two more locations in Memphis, providing a handful of jobs and giving folks more opportunities to chow down on the restaurant’s offerings.

According to Music Times, Mayor AC Wharton provided Rick Ross with the key to the city for his contributions to the community. The honor was officially presented on the same day Ross celebrated the grand opening of his latest Wingstop locations.

Not surprisingly, Rick Ross was understandably excited by the whole shebang:

“It is most definitely an exciting time for me and what i like to call the ‘Boss Wings’ team when we open a new Wingstop. Not only is it growth for us, we know that it is also growth for the community, providing jobs, good food and a family environment for the people of that town. We definitely look forward to continuing to help grow the city of Memphis.”

Despite his reputation for being a prickly individual, Rick Ross took a moment out of his busy schedule to swing by St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. According to Vibe, Ross was amazed that the kids still had smiles on their faces despite their struggles with cancer.

“My heart goes out to them and their parents. I’m glad that I’m able to lend my consistent support to them through my Memphis based Wingstop locations. These are the biggest bosses I’ve seen thus far. My continued prayers go up for them.”

It’s no secret that Rick Ross has nothing but love for Wingstop. After getting a taste of the restaurant’s lemon pepper chicken, he decided to get into the franchise business. His love of Wingstop occasionally makes appearances in his music, which proves once again that you should always write about something you know.

However, to ensure that customers have the best possible experience, Ross is asking that folks leave their weapons behind while they’re grubbing on some Wingstop. The rapper insists that he’s not anti-gun — he’d rather people just enjoy their meals.

“I support the right to bear arms, I do. I’m a licensed carrier. When I go into public places, when I go out and I enter certain places, I believe it’s best to leave your firearm in your vehicle.”

What do you think about Rick Ross opening more Wingstop locations in Memphis? Do you feel the rapper deserves the key to the city?

[Lead image via Lazer Horse]