Jim Parsons' Wolf Family And Shamy's Ice Bucket Challenge: 'The Big Bang Theory' Stars' Must-See Videos

The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons had to do something really wild before becoming one of the highest-paid actors on TV, and it involved a wild animal.

Parsons scored his sixth Emmy nomination for The Big Bang Theory this year, but he's not just getting recognition for the comedy -- he also scored a nod for his dramatic work in HBO's The Normal Heart.

Scoring seven Emmy nominations and three Emmy awards is a certainly an impressive feat, and Jim has come a long way from his days suckling on a wolf's teat. You read that right -- one of Jim Parsons' early TV roles required him to act like a human wolf pup. This sounds more like the kind of part Penny would score on The Big Bang Theory.

Zap2it dug up the old ad footage and asked the question, "Based on what you're about to see, would you give this person an Emmy?" The bizarre video features The Big Bang Theory star chowing down on a boring untoasted sub in a 2003 Quiznos commercial. While he's sitting on a bench trying to enjoy his chilly lunch, a smug toasted sub eater asks him if he was raised by wolves.

You can check out two different versions of Jim Parsons' crazy commercial below. Because the teat-suckling thing was "potentially disturbing," it only aired after 9:30 p.m.

The commercial aired 4 years before The Big Bang Theory became a big hit for CBS, but you can see hints of Sheldon Cooper in Jim Parsons' speech and mannerisms. His commercial character takes the smug sub eater's sarcastic question seriously and delivers a deadpan response to it. He also doesn't respond to the incredulous look on the smug sub eater's face. Much like Sheldon, Jim Parsons' Mowgli sandwich muncher doesn't seem to pick up on social cues.

Jim doesn't credit the Quiznos commercial for helping him break "into the acting stratosphere," but he told CBS News that it did help him during casting sessions:

"It certainly gave me a conversation piece. Half the battle, and I'm not kidding, in certain casting sessions and everything, are -- well, you have something interesting to say. And then if you've suckled at the teat of a Siberian Husky, you have something interesting to say. Maybe not good, but it's interesting."
Jim Parsons' Quiznos commercial isn't the only fun video of The Big Bang Theory star currently making the rounds on the web. He recently traded his cold sub for cold water, and he poured it all over costar Mayim Bialik. Parsons completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge a few days ago, and he included Bialik and another The Big Bang Theory costar, Kunal Nayyar, on his list of nominees. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Kaley Cuoco has already completed the challenge.

To make sure that Mayim Bialik went through with the challenge, Parsons helped her out by hopping in a shower with her and dumping a bucket of ice water on her head. Judging from the way they're dressed in Mayim's video, it looks like Shamy filmed it on after working on The Big Bang Theory together. It's one of the cutest challenge videos yet.

What do you think of Jim Parsons' odd Quiznos commercial? Is it funny or just plain freaky?

[Photo courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty Images via Entertainment Weekly]