Emily Fedorko: 16-Year-Old Killed While Tubing In Connecticut

Emily Fedorko, a 16-year-old from Greenwich, Connecticut, was killed during a tubing outing with friends near Greenwich Point Park. According to FOX CT, Fedorko was out on the water with four other friends — all teenagers — in a 21-foot power boat. A fun summer day with friends went horribly wrong, however, when Fedorko and her 15-year-old friend went tubing and were thrown from the tube.

Greenwich Police Lt. Kraig Gray said that the girls were then struck by the boat, both getting injuring by the outboard engine propeller.

“One girl sustained a significant soft-tissue but non-life threatening injury to her left lower leg. The second girl sustained a fatal injury to her torso and died at the scene.”

Emily Fedorko lost her life that fateful day. Police say that they are still investigating the accident, but they have released two very important pieces of information that suggest that this was just a terrible accident and nothing more. First, the 16-year-old who was operating the boat was “legally certified to drive it.” Second, police do not believe that alcohol was a factor in any way. Now, a community is left to grieve the loss of one very sweet, bright young woman, who would have been a junior at Greenwich High School in September.

Superintendent of Schools William S. McKersie said that grief counselors have been made available this week to help any students who need help coping.

“What we have to do from this loss given the spirit that Emily had and is clear to us is build forward. Build forward for the other three girls in involved and build forward for anyone else touched by this.

“It’s not just the next couple of days, but it’s the next several months. As Greenwich High School opens it doors in a couple of weeks, we need to be ready to provide all kinds of support to our students. This loss hits us all deeply, and we want to be there for these families.”

Emily Fedorko was described as “vibrant, athletic, involved, and loved,” by Mr. McKersie according to CBS Local.

Tragedies have been in abundance this summer, or so it seems. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a 5-year-old girl was recently shot and killed by her friend of the same age. The children had been playing in another room and got a hold of a gun. Noelle Aston Shawver died at the hospital later that day.

[Photo courtesy of Facebook]