Police Dog Escapes Pen During ‘Off-Duty’ Hours, Bites Two Neighbors, One Sent To Hospital

A police dog working for the Little Rock, Arkansas, police department has been quarantined for 10 days following unprompted attack on neighbors. The K-9 officer, Ammo, was off duty when the attacks occured.

Ammo, the police dog, was being held in a pen at his Little Rock home when he escaped and jumped a 6-foot privacy fence according to KNWA. After escaping the yard, the dog proceeded to enter a neighbors yard. According to the police report obtained by the Arkansas Times, once in the yard, the dog approached Trent Holloway, 35, who was doing yardwork. When Holloway attempted to look at the dog tag on the K-9 officer’s collar, the dog began to growl and show his teeth. Holloway attempted to back away from the dog; however, the dog was able to bite him on the leg.

The dog also bit Norman Beth, 73, but the injuries sustained are unknown at this time. The dog is a Dutch Shepherd who is handled by Officer Jason Harris. Harris was not at home at the time of the incident and has not commented on how the dog was able to escape. However, it is noted that Ammo has been with the Little Rock police force in working capacity for over three years.

In the police statement it is noted that Officer Harris, who is in charge of handling the dog, made note that Ammo should not be quarantined due to police policy. The report says,

“Officer Harris was informed to quaratine the K-9 for ten (10) days, Officer Harris stated that according to Little Rock Police Department policies that this K-9 doesn’t have to be quaratine for that time period.”

This leads one to believe that K-9 officers may be exempt from dog bite rules in Little Rock. Howeverm the dog was not on duty when the bites occurred so the dog will be quarantined for the ten day period according to sources.

Some citizens were not happy about Officer Harris suggesting that the dog not fulfill quarantine due to his officer status. In fact, many pointed out that since the dog was off duty this would be equivelant to a human officer being exempt from assault or battery charges when off duty. According to Arkansas law, any dog bite that breaks the skin should be reported to Animal Control immediately. The dog should then be placed on a 10 day quarantine until it can be determined if the dog is a danger to society or not. If the dog is determined dangerous he may be put down.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, some dog owners are even being charged with murder for the action of their dogs. A couple who was scheduled for deportation is being charged with murder after their two dogs mauled and killed a jogger.

Are police dogs dangerous? Should this K-9 officer be treated like any other dog, or is special treatment warranted?