Ellie Goulding, Dougie Poynter Romance Heating Up

Ellie Goulding and new boyfriend Dougie Poynter seem to be getting more and more serious all the time.

The two have been dating since earlier this year, but in May officially confirmed they were together as they were seen walking about Manchester, England holding hands. Goulding has been quoted as saying her new beau is a "very lovely human being," according to Reveal.

One of the biggest pitfalls in a relationship between two famous persons is trying to find any time to spend together. So far, that doesn't seem to be a problem. Goulding flew back to London during her recent tour to spend a day (yes, just one day) with Poynter. There will probably be more of that, with Goulding's tour taking her to Ibiza, Japan, and other spots through August of this year. All this hard work means a LOT of flights, and Ellie recently lamented, "Just on the 1034th flight of the week." Sounds exhausting!

Recently, though, there has been together time for both. Goulding, 27, and Poynter, 26, were seen walking, her arm firmly wrapped around him, to a pre-wedding dinner for Danny Jones and bride-to-be Georgia Horsley at renowned British eatery STK. Joining the couple were the other members of Poynter and Jones' band McFly, Thomas Fletcher with wife Giovanna, and Harry Judd with wife Izzy.

Both Goulding and Poynter were wearing almost matching monochrome outfits, black pants with sheer shirts, Poynters' slightly unbuttoned with a floral design, complete with a brown trilby, beaded chain, and many friendship bracelets. Gouldings' shirt was slightly see-through, showing her shirts' matching white bra underneath. She completed her ensemble with polished black boots and a black bucket purse to match. During the dinner, both Goulding and Poynter could be seen talking, gazing into each other's eyes, and touching each other's hair.

At least this outing went alright. According to OK!, Goulding and Poynter left celebrity hotspot Chiltern Firehouse last month and escorted Goulding home. As they went to enter her home, a rather zealous paparazzi blocked their entry, to which Poynter moved the paparazzi aside. Goulding took it upon herself to assure there wouldn't be any incidents on this occasion.

Poynter is now the lone single member of his band. This, of course, is fueling speculation that his marital status may soon be changing. With the looks these two are giving each other, that engagement and marriage announcement could come very soon, indeed.