The Big Bang Theory: Penny And Leonard Wedding Airing On Season 8 Premiere?

The Big Bang Theory Season 8 will be back on September 22.

According to Breathecast, Penny and Leonard's wedding might kick off the season. However, that probably won't be the case. While fans would like to see the two characters tie the knot, it seems as though much of the season will deal with the couple's wedding preparation -- which suggests that the wedding will be saved for the season finale.

There is a lot that goes in to planning a wedding, and bringing two polar opposites together and letting them figure it all out could be key to more television gold. Since Penny isn't the brightest, much of the more serious aspects of a wedding will likely fall in Leonard's lap -- and there's always the question about who will be paying for the whole thing. Even actress Kaley Cuoco (who plays Penny) thinks that Leonard will be taking on the role of the bride!

This isn't the first Big Bang Theory wedding, but it is expected to be bigger than the wedding of Howard and Bernadette's rooftop ceremony. A lot of people believe that Penny and Leonard should have a more traditional wedding, and that their reception will be in a hall complete with plated dinners and a chocolate fountain. And, of course, no wedding would be complete without the joining of two families. Rumor has it Friends actress Lisa Kudrow will be joining the cast for at least one episode, playing the role of Penny's mom. How perfect?

As for other things that you can expect to see in Season 8, Sheldon Cooper will (hopefully) be one of them. While actor Jim Parsons hasn't given too much away about his role in the new season of the show, it seems clear that he won't be in every episode -- at least not in the beginning. An easy favorite, Sheldon ran away from life in the Season 7 finale -- and it might take him a while to find his way back home. There have been rumors, however, that Sheldon will be gone for the whole season, and that his character has basically been written off the show (via Breathecast). According to The Inquisitr, Jim Parsons recently talked about how blessed he feels to be part of such a wonderful show. Does this mean he's ready to say goodbye?

The Big Bang Theory will have a panel at the upcoming Comic Con in San Diego. Fans hope that some of their questions about the plot for Season 8 will be answered by cast and production members at the event.

"The Big Bang Theory" returns on Monday, September 22, with two episodes before moving to its previous time slot on Thursdays starting on October 30.

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