Miracle Baby Survives Being Struck By Lightning While In Womb, Hair Still Stands On End Year Later

One year ago, Ian Gordon and his nearly nine months pregnant girlfriend Kendra Villanueva were struck by lightning when they were caught in a thunderstorm. The couple was taking shelter under a tree during a thunderstorm when Ian was struck by lightening in his ear. The lightening traveled through Ian’s body and into Kendra who was sitting next to him. The lightening exited through her thumb.

Both fell unconscious after the strike and were rushed to the hospital. Doctors were worried because Kendra was just two weeks away from her due date with her baby girl. The doctors induced labor and Kimberly Gordon was born.

There have only been 11 pregnant women who have been struck by lightning, and only half of the babies were born healthy, meaning babies struck by lightening in the womb only have a 50% survival rate. Ian Gordon says it was a “miracle” that baby Kimberly survived. “Somebody’s definitely watching out for us,” he told KOAT News.

Medical Daily notes that despite her survival, Kimberly Gordon now faces damage due to the lightning strike — from an inability to sit up, crawl, or even digest food fully, to pin-straight hair standing up on its own as though still static. That is correct, Kimberly’s hair still stands straight up on her head- a year later- from the static created during the lightening strike. The family has nicknamed Kimberly “Flash” since she came into the world in a bolt of lightning.

According to the Mirror, doctors still don’t know when she will begin to walk and talk as the case is so unusual. It is also not clear to doctors as to why the child’s hair is still static. The family says the static hair doesn’t bother them but some of the other issues make life a struggle for little “Flash” Kimberly.

“It’s hard seeing she can’t eat like she’s supposed to and can’t have food yet unless it is through the feeding tube. But other than I’m glad she lived through it all.”

Though being struck by lightening is rare, that didn’t stop Mother Nature from taking down four people at a golf course with a single bolt of lightening. Fortunately for the golfers, a nurse was nearby to help treat the injuries.

Check out the video below to hear Kimberly’s story see her static hair in action.

Do you think Kimberly “Flash” will lose her static hair as she gets older, or will it remain as a reminder of how she literally bolted into this world?

[Image Credit: Daily Mail]