Search Engines Used By 92% Of Internet Users [Study]

James Johnson

With talk constantly surrounding social media sharing, semantic searches and other ways to browse the web without the need for search engine use, Google and their counterparts are still dominating how internet users find information on the web. A recent Pew Internet study found that search engines are still used by 92% of internet users.

The Pew Internet study regarding search engine use started in 2002 and the biggest difference in 2011 is that more users are taking advantage of search engines to find information.

According to the study 92 percent of users take advantage of search engines, while 59% of users take advantage of search engines on a regular basis. Even older internet users have taken to searches with the 65+ crowd using search engines 87 percent of the time with 37% of users doing so on a regular basis.

Here's a quick look at the search engine use trending discovered by Pew Internet:

Internet Search Engine UseDirectly beside search engine use is Email with the same 92% of users also using the service with no statistical differences based on demographics among email users.

The survey included 2,277 adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2 percent.

The survey didn't leave social out of the mix, since the group started examining the field in 2004 social site searching has risen by 11 percent with 65% of users now using social media sources to find information.

How do you prefer to search the internet? I find myself still gravitating towards Google when I perform information searches, however many of the interesting story's I read these days come from friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which are posted on their profiles or shared directly with me.