'Rainbow Six: Siege' Multiplayer Beta May Happen After E3 2014 Announcement

The Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer beta might happen … or not. Apparently the idea is still officially undecided, but it is being considered.

Ubisoft is keeping the possibility under a tight lid like they do with everything else they're not willing to reveal. For months they had teased and denied rumors about the location and title of the current-gen exclusive entry to the Assassin's Creed franchise, even giving out misleading hints over Twitter with coordinates pointing to Canada and Russia.

Their E3 2014 reveals of several game franchises' latest entries were still packed with mystery, but we've learned a lot in the last few days.

Being one of the most original titles they revealed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, the latest Tom Clancy title could also be one of their most anticipated. As before, Ubisoft isn't talking about whether there will be a Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer beta before launch.

With the Rainbow Six: Siege release date slated for 2015, Ubisoft certainly has a lot of time to work on the game and may just open up beta access later this year.

The game's producer Sebastien Labbe only said what he could about it:

"What I can say is that for sure, we're no different from the other online shooters. We want to be online – we're providing a strong PVP game, and if we want that we need to create a community. So if we wait until the launch, I expect it will be too late.

"There will certainly be things that will occur, but at the moment we can't talk about that. It's not clearly defined because it's still a lot of work to do, but certainly there will be some announcements about that. So stay tuned."

The chances of there being a Rainbow Six: Siege multiplayer beta are good, but until Ubisoft announces it we can't know for sure.

Are you excited about the chance to access the online beta for Ubisoft's latest Tom Clancy title?

[image via forbes]