Eva Longoria Steakhouse Goes Out Of Business

Eva Longoria’s Las Vegas restaurant has closed its doors for good.

To put it another way, the eatery has gone “belly up” as it were.

Two years ago, the Desperate Housewives star partnered with the Morton’s steakhouse chain to open SHe by Morton’s located in the Crystals shop at the Aria casino. The Las Vegas restaurant played up the fact that it offered smaller portion sizes for female customers.

According to SHe’s COO, the Longoria restaurant was unable to come to an agreement with the landlord when the nightclub on the floor above the eatery also closed down.

In April, the restaurant apparently encountered some hygiene issues when “Health inspectors gave the restaurant numerous demerits, mostly related to keeping food at proper temperatures and maintaining accurate thermometers.” The eatery closed down temporarily to address these issues and subsequently received approval from health officials to reopen.

While it was still in business, the Las Vegas Sun described the place as provoking “a feeling of opulence with rich textures of alligator, cork, mirrors and crystals, embossed metallic wall coverings and rich dark fabrics. Decorative, internally lit screens are spread throughout the restaurant giving the space a touch of modern art deco design. The upstairs space is being repositioned from a nightclub to a special events venue.”

Longoria took to Twitter to deny that initially flunking the health inspection was related to SHe going out of business over Memorial Day weekend.

Explained Longoria:

“Just to be clear, the steakhouse in Vegas DID NOT close for health violations. We had an ‘A’ rating at time of closure. People should read more carefully. SHe Las Vegas was originally concepted as a nightlife entertainment venue. Since the closing of the nightclub venue, we have been met with considerable resistance from our Landlord to re-concept the nightlife theme which impacted our ability to deliver on our guests’ experience.”

Although the Las Vegas restaurant is history, Eva Longoria is still a co-owner — with celebrity chef Todd English — of Beso Hollywood, a trendy eatery in Tinseltown.

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]